Mr. Carlson's Resource Room 


Welcome to my online classroom. It is here that you'll find information about assignments, projects and activities that are happening in the SRMS resource room. Should you have any questions, concerns or even a suggestion, please send me an email or call my cellphone at 505-412-0939. 


Language Arts: September 

I'm contining teaching the sci-fi genre. We will be reading, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" We will also create a podcast studio and record podcasts. I also plan on teaching math using cooking projects. The students will be responsible for reading the story problems and instructions. 

Gifted: September

Students will engage in a Socratic discussion about whether SETI is a good use of private and public money. They will also install software on the resource room computers that will allow them to participate in the search for exteresstials.  

Eighth Grade Journalism 

Students are learning to write summary leads. In September, I'll introduce libel and lead transitions. I also will be assigning students to report on an event in the community.