English 8

Welcome to eighth grade English!

Language Arts skills are imperative in all subject areas and are especially important in today’s technology-based age of communication. Practice in skills within the areas of speaking, reading, writing, and vocabulary/spelling will be done on a regular basis and connections will be made as to how these consequential and critical skills relate to “real life.”

Emphasis will be on the following:§  Organization§  Communication§  Outlining and the writing process (Six Traits + 1)§  Essay writing §  Self and Peer editing§  Journal writing§  Novel reading (complex vocabulary comprehension in context, and general reading comprehension)§  Reading in a wide variety of genres§  Study skills such as note-taking, listing, prioritizing, responding to written and verbal instruction; planning and executing projects throughout the school year; time management


Reading List:It is your responsibility to purchase (they don’t have to be new!), borrow, or check out (from a public library) novels for class. A maximum of a month, a minimum of two weeks will be given for you to acquire the novel. Check your child’s agenda on a regular basis for this information. Note: Books are not necessarily listed in the order in which they are assigned. Your child’s eighth grade reading list will include, but is not necessarily limited to the following:

§  The Pearl- John Steinbeck§  To Kill a Mockingbird- Harper Lee§  The Diary of Anne Frank- Anne Frank§  The Pigman- Paul Zindel§  The Outsiders- S.E. Hinton§  Fahrenheit 451- Ray Bradbury§  Various other novel titles for literature circles/small group reading§  Various short stories, plays, and poetry