In eleventh grade of high school I had serious problems in the lessons of Physics of the teacher Darío.  The numbers and the formulas were very difficult for me to understand. At the beginning I did not say anything to the teacher, but I was an excellent student in other subjects and the teacher knew it. One day I failed a test and probably it was the lowest grade that I have had in my life. Then the teacher realized that it was time to approach to me since I was not doing approaching him.I really don't know why I did not want to tell him I did not understand his lessons, after all he was not a monster whom we had to be afraid of, perhaps I felt embarrassment that my partners would make fun of me, because to them I was the most intelligent of the class.I felt very sad for the grade I got and I did not know what to do.  I was trying to get a scholarship to be able to study in university and this grade would lower the whole average.  The girl who was competing with me to obtain the same scholarship would take advantage of me because she was faster with understanding the numbers; precisely my weakness.In fact it was not so difficult because mathematics and chemistry that also uses numbers was not difficult for me.  On the contrary, in chemistry I was an excellent student and I enjoyed spending time every evening doing the exercises of the different chemistry books. After class, the teacher said to me that I should go to the school in the evening because he was going give a reinforcement lesson.  So, I did.When I got to the classroom he told me that he knew that I needed help and I told him that I did because I really did not understand. Then I explained to him what was difficult for me and after a couple of hours of trying to find different  ways for me to understand, he realized that I understood better through drawings and graphics that he drew on the board.  For example, if the lesson was about Newton's Laws, I made the drawing representing each Law and in that way I gained better understanding for the next lessons. Finally, I obtained the scholarship and next year I started to study a beautiful career which was nursing. However, I do not was so agree with my decision on study it and after two years I decided to leave it, but I never faced troubles in Physics any more.