An open book magnifies the mind.

The library at St. Martha School is where children learn the value of books and are shown pathways of their use, so, at any future time, they can seek out particular information in the quiet, orderly fashion of a scientist.  Knowledge is only another name of science (scientia in Latin).  We need not have the actual title of scientist to use their methods.  And going to books to find out things is one of their special ways. 

Using books becomes a habit of life after we learn the power of books and how to find the very one we want.  All graduates of our school must become young experts (scientists) to make their future lives exceptionally more fruitful. 

To this, we at the library are dedicated.

Mrs. Carolyn Deckelman, Library Media Specialist

Mrs. Carolyn Deckelman holds a Bachelor's degree in elementary education, a Master's degree in library science and a Master Catechist certificate.  For over thirty years she has taught in both Catholic and public schools.  Special distinctions are her study abroad in Scotland, her book, Ticket to the Future (a Parent Handbook),  and her Know Your Catholic Faith teaching cards.

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