weekly agenda

Unit:  Europe
SS6H4 - The student will describe the important developments in Europe Standards:
SS6G5 - The student will be able to describe and locate the important physical and human characteristics of Europe.
 6SSG7 -The student will explain the impact of location, climate, physical characteristics, natural resources, and population size on Europe.

Assessment -- Impact of Geographical Features Chart

Monday –
1. Notebook Organization and academic folder
2. Complete experiencing the Five Themes
3. K-W-L of Europe, then use page 258-259 (photo of Coliseum) to lead into a discussion about the Importance of Europe throughout the world and discuss.
Homework – Complete academic folder to turn in tomorrow
Tuesday –
4. collect Academic Folders
5. Europe Land and Resources Notes – video of Europe to get a feel for what Europe looks like today
6. Focus questions to answer/Cornell notes 
Homework – Write summary in Cornell note at least 3 sentences in length.

Wednesday –
7. Share summaries with class
8. Take a walk around Europe as a class, identify countries that are in both Europe and Asia and discuss to which continent they belong.
9. Boundaries of Europe - use atlas in front of textbook to locate, label and identify and color the boundaries on a map of the region.  Use a legend to identify landforms.
Homework – Preview Text pages 258-269

Thursday –
10. Review name of countries for correct pronunciation
11. Read text pages 273-277 - Geographic features with focus on climate, and natural resources, work in groups to create a chart that describes the geo features, climate and Natural resources of the region. 
12. Given generalizations about the geographic features of the regions, students will add factual details that support the generalization.
Homework – Complete Class work

Friday –
13. Europe Physical Map – locate, label and color selected oceans, seas, rivers, mountains, and countries.  Analyze the map to answer questions.
14. Create Impact of Geographical Features Chart that describes the geography and climate of Europe and explains how those riches affect choices made by the people of the region.