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Battle of Yorktown

The battle of Yorktown was fought in Yorktown, Virginia. It began on September 28,1781 and ended on October 19, 1781. The British commander was General Cornwalis. The continental army commander was George Washington. American allies, the  French, had a commander named General Rochambeu.

The battle was caused by British soldiers moving into Yorktown and trying to take over. When colonial soldiers cut off British sources from New York, the British began to surrender. The battle of Yorktown began after the Battle of Civil ford court house on March15, 1781. At that time British General Cornwalis moved his battered army to the North Carolina coast, then disobeying order from the General to protect the British position in the Carolinane marched north to Virginia and took command from loyalist(Tory) General Benedict Arnold.  The Battle of Yorktown was the last major engagement of the American Revolution. The americans won and the british decided to make peace.


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