Yorktown Two

The Last Battle

                                In the battle of Yorktown the Continental Army won freedom from the British government. The leader of the continenal army, George Washington, found a perfect way to get to Yorktown by ship, to corner the British. In 1781, Charles Earl Cornwallis surrendered with 8,000 men. Washington cornered the British by cutting off all water routes. This forced Cornwallis to surrender, effectively ending the Revolutionary War. Washington and Rochambeau marched a French-American army from New York to join French forces under Lafayette in Virginia. The big battle were over, the colonist had won their freedom. Today, in Virginia, you can visit nine 18th century buildings that survived the 1781 Battle of Yorktown. The battle began on September 28, 1781, and officially ended on October 19, 1781.


Our favorite website: www.battleofyorktown.com

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A site with a map of the area at the time: http://www.britishbattles.com/battle-yorktown.htm