Yorktown 4

 The Battle of Yorktown


The battle of Yorktown started in the 28th of September and ended on the 19th of October 1781. They battled in the state of Virgina,USA. After Yorktown despite George 3 obstinate eagerness to continue fighting many bitians were weary of war  and increasingly ready to come to terms. They suffered heavy reverses in India and in the west Indies. Americans troops under Lafayette fought back  by staging raids against the british. They didn't have enough troops to fight back. Meanwhile, a french fleet under Admiral De Grasse was also heading toward Virgina. Conwallis couldn't get supplies, he couldn't escape.

 The war dragged into 6th year. Last year britian fought  was in Virgina Washington learned that a large French fleet had also arrived from the west Indies. The french fleet could cut Yorktown off from  resupply by sea. British ships tried to reach cornwallis, french drove them back, British were defeated Yorktown.


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