Brandywine 4

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The Battle of Brandywine was a very historical battle. It was a battle between the continental Army and the British Army. The commanding officers was Howe and Knyphausen for the British. The commanding officers for the continental Army was Greene,Maxwell,Sullivan. The date of this battle is September 11, 1777. The Continental army marched toward the fight like the soldiers they were. The Contential Army had a shroud over them that protecting them from there foes. When they got to Pennsylvania the battle began and both the armies fought bravely but the Continetial Army came out to be the winners. The casualties of the British Army was 550 soldiers killd and wounded. The casualties of the Continential Army was 1000 killed and wounded they was hoping to prove themselves that they could go against the British and be victoriousin the fight for freedom. The British and Continential Armies fought bravely but the continential army won. The continential Army came out to be the winners!!