Trenton 1

The battle of Trenton was faught by three regiments of Hessia soldiers. Washington decided on a bold move a surprise attack on Trenton. He secretly led his 2400 troops across the icy Delaware River on Christmas day. Washington could only gather about 1900 pooily armed and trained soldiers. the battle of Trenton Princeton are connected and bait of a campaign agaist the british forces in WJ, during the American revolution during the 1776-1777 winter. Trenton was occupied by three regiments of hazing soldiers commanded by coloniel Johann Rall for a total of about one thousand men. Washington's force of about 2,400 attacked in two colonies; Major General Nathaniel Greenes division from the North, and Major General Sullivan's division from the West. On December 22, General George Washington had 4,700 troops fit for duty. He decided on a predawn attack on December the 26th. On Christmas night General Washington and his troops croosed the Delware River because he thought that the Hessians would be celebrating Christmas. The river was frozen and he knew that the Hessians would think that they could not get across the river. Despite the frigid temperatures, frozen and often misfiring muskets, and the exposure to the unforgiving elements. Their attack against the Hessians was successful and they took over 600 men prisoners. The battle was a responding physical and moral victory for Washington and his American troops.


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