Saratoga 2


                   October 19, 1781, the day the reolutionary war started. A battle bewteen two countries, the Britian and Saratoga. The war between Sartaoga and the Britian started September 19 through October 17, 1777. On a cold and cloudy day about 52 degrees. While walking they had a faithful commander Major General Haratio Gates and Brigadier Benedict Arnold commanded the American Army.While on the British side they have the commander of Major General John Burgaine. Once they got  to the fight sight (Saratoga on the Hudson River in New York State). A turning point in the war agianst Britian. Which later lead the Britian to join the forces of Spain and France. Which also started the American war between Natchez. After the war the American fought like men, 800 wounded, captured, or missing. While the Britian fought like men but 16,000 killed or missing, 6,000 captured. That last fateful day the Saratoga lost aginst the Britain. Before the war General John Burgaine sent a letter to George Germain in 1777. The letter said, ''I have the honor to inform your lordship that the enemy (were) disloged from Ticonderoga and Mount Independent. On the sixth instant, and were driven on the same day, beyond skenes brought on the right, and the Humerton (Hubbardton) on the left with the lose of 128 piece of cannon, all their armed vessels and bateaux, the greatest part of their baggage and ammunition provision and military stores. Farewell, to General John Burgoyne, he had a beautiful fight and war. That was the last letter he sent during the war.