What is a CNC Router & how can it benefit your business?

What is a CNC Router?


CNC RoutersCNC Routers


A CNC router can be used by industrial companies all of the ways through to small start-up business like crafters and personalised product designers and even schools/colleges/universities.

The technical description for a CNC router is known as computer numerical control.  They use code that is generated by software such as vectric v carve or alphacam called G-code.  This code that is generated contains lots of co-ordinates that the CNC machine then reads and moves to.  Usually, this type of machine has co-ordinates based around XYZ (3 axis CNC Routers) but you can also go 4 axis and even 5 axis.

CNC routers are extremely accurate and can produce hundreds of parts and products in the time it would take some firms to produce a very small number due to manually having to produce them.  A CNC can be semi or fully automatic and produce the exact same part every time without having to stop or produce a variance in the output.

What can you cut on a CNC router?


A CNC router can be so versatile when you compare it to other machinery.  You can cut and engrave so many different materials such as the following:


  1. Many types of wood - MDF, MFC, Birch Ply, Plywood, Pine, Walnut, Beech and others
  2. Soft metals - Aluminium, Brass, Copper
  3. Plastics - HPDE, Trespa, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Plexiglass 
  4. Sign materials such as ACM panel like Dibond, Foamex and foamboard
  5. Carbon fibre sheet
  6. Cement board
  7. Corian and other solid surface materials
  8. OSB board
  9. High-Pressure Laminate
  10. Xanita Fibreboard and so much more...

How will a CNC router benefit you and your business?


A CNC router will help you automate many tasks within your workshop and business where you may have had multiple staff involved.  This will cut down on your production time and help reduce staffing costs, in turn increasing your profitability as a business. 

Your output will be of a much higher consistent standard and without human error in the manufacturing process, helping you to maintain extremely high standards and keeping your customers happy.

You will be able to produce complex designs and products in a much shorter time with the precision and accuracy of a CNC router. For more details on the types of CNC router and machines available Find out more