All of this takes a long time, even when done by experienced professionals and mistakes are very hard to correct, although when making a patterned Dished Head polishing machine is easier to camouflage mistakes. These types of high speed floor grinders can be hard to use and dangerous in inexperienced hands and polishing machine is sometimes difficult to know when to use the densifiers for the best result.

A floor that is polished to 3000 grit has a natural high gloss that can then be sealed with an impregnating seal that does not change that floors appearance and results in a floor looking like polished stone that needs little maintenance.

As your polished concrete floor is a major feature of your building and is likely to be there for a whole lifetime, the cost involved in having polishing machine done by an experienced specialist polished flooring contractor becomes well worthwhile, especially as a "she'll be right mate job" done with a few mates on the weekend is more than likely to result in an unsatisfactory job.

Tube polishing machine  costs from $2 to $10 a sqft, which can be much less than a good quality carpet and a comparable cost to installing a vinyl floor covering. Apart from the extremely long life of polished concrete floors and their low maintenance issues they are environmentally friendly and do not give off toxic chemicals such as those found in carpets, synthetic floor coverings and the adhesives used to lay them. So anyone thinking of having a concrete floor polished would be well advised to do an overall feasibility study and take into account just how much time polishing machine would take, This not only to do the job, but the physical effort and the cleanup afterwards, which with either dry (dust) or the wet method (slurry or sludge) can pose a disposal problem.

The rotating heads will spin at variables speeds depending upon how deep you need to rub in to the floor. Tank polishing machine are needed for taking out deep rooted stains, scars, and ground in dirt. These lower speeds are also needed when you want to strip down the existing finish so you can apply a new finish. The higher speeds are generally used for polishing, or for cleaning hard wood floors. The head will for floor buffing and stainless steel stainless steel itsss will usually rotate anywhere from one hundred to four hundred revolutions per minute. Most of the floor polishers are run from wall electricity, but some industrial models can be run off of batteries or propane canisters. Plug in models provide a constant source of power and you never have to worry about it. The battery and gas models are great for green energy buildings and for accessing remote places in a building. The floor machines are usually priced in the hundreds of dollars, and can be well over one thousand dollars in cost.