June 1- p.264-265 1-24

               p.266  1-8

              p.268-269    1-60






Monday- complete worksheet, read p. 292, answer questions- Think and Discuss

                                                                                                               Try It Out

Tuesday- Answer questions p. 301.  Complete sections- Monday and Tuesday for worksheet

Wednesday- Worksheet

Thursday- Pick topic for personal narrative.  Sketch topic (p.305)

Friday- None


Monday- Unit 2 Review

Tuesday- None

Wednesday- Answer questions p.297




Monday- Halloween

Tuesday- Complete worksheet

                  Complete p. 82 Lessons- 1 and 2

Wednesday- Complete worksheet (both sides)

                       Complete p. 82-83 Lessons- 3, 4, 5

Thursday- Complete p. 83 Lesson-6 and Proofreading

                          Unit 2 Test Tuesday



Monday- worksheet

Tuesday- p.70-71 1-38

Wednesday- p. 72-73- 1-28 and writing wrap-up

Thursday- see above b/c of field trip

Friday- none


Monday- complete- p.52

Tuesday- study unit 1

Wednesday- none

Thursaday- complete pages 64, 65, 66, 67



Tuesday- none

Wednesday- complete 1-18 p.44-45

                        complete worksheet- Conjunctions

Thursday- complete worksheet- Writing Good Sentences

Friday- none


Monday- none

Tuesday- complete p.38-39 1-22, complete 1-24 p.40-41

Wednesday- complete 1-22 p.38-39

Thursday- complete 1-24 p.40-41,

Friday- complete 1-10 p.42



Monday- complete worksheet

Tuesday- complete # 6-20 p.33

Wednesday- complete worksheet, study for quiz- sentence, fragment, kinds of sentences, subject, and predicate


Monday- Reread your description.  Use the Revising Checklist to help you make changes

Tuesday- Make additional changes after your writing conference if needed.

Wednesday- Proofread your description using the Proofreading Checklist.

Thursday- Make a neat final copy of your description.

Friday- None