Information and Rules

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Students have to sign and keep this page in the three prongs P.E. folder.
Physical Education Lincoln Middle School  2009- 2010 

Dear Parent or Guardian:

The Physical Education Department of Lincoln Middle School would like to welcome you to the new school year. To ensure success in your child's physical education would like to highlight a few areas that we feel are of the utmost importance.

UNIFORMS: Students are required to wear a LMS full uniform which must be purchased from the P.E. department for 20 dollars. Socks and sneakers are also required. Students' names must be placed on the appropriate space provided on both the shirt and shorts. This will ensure a swift return should an item become misplaced. Please be aware that your child's P.E. uniform must conform to Lincoln's dress code. If ignored, students will be marked as unprepared, which will result in a decrease in grade.

DRESSING OUT: Students are allowed five (5) minutes to arrive in the locker room and dress into their PE uniform at the beginning of the class period. Noise must be kept to minimum while in the locker room areas. There is to be no whistling, yelling, or singing allowed as it disturbs neighboring classrooms. Students must wait inside the locker room until dismissed by the P.E. teacher. Once dismissed, the students should check the bulletin board for their class location, and report to that location immediately. No school clothes are to be worn to P.E.

DRESSING IN: At the end of class, students are allowed seven (7) minutes to change back into their school clothes. We believe in the development and maintenance of proper health habits at home as well as in school. Showers are available to the students and we encourage the students to bring a towel to wipe off or shower after class. Deodorant use is also encouraged, however, no spray cans or glass bottles are allowed in the locker rooms. Students must remain in the locker rooms until dismissed by the P.E. teacher.

LOCKERS: Each student will be assigned a locker to store only their P.E. materials/clothes. Each student will be required to rent a lock from the P.E. department, as per the school handbook.

3 dollars will cover the expense. Students are not allowed to share lockers. Should a student need assistance with their locker, they should ask the nearest coach, as the coaches will have a record of all locker assignments and combinations. The only people who should know your child's locker combination will be your child and the coach.

BACKPACKS: All students are encouraged to bring only the necessary items to the P.E. area. Should your child happen to bring their backpack to P.E., it will be placed in the appropriate backpack area and secured until the end of class. The P.E. department will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen items.

EXCUSES: For a student to be excused from an activity, a parent or guardian must send a signed and dated note with a daytime phone number to be given to the child's teacher at the beginning of class. Should the child need to be excused from participating for more than three consecutive days, the parent must send a physicians note showing the date of the visit which is to be given to the coach at the beginning of class. Please have the physician include any activities that your child will and/or will not be able to participate in and when they will be allowed to return to class full time. Students may be sent to the library to assist another teacher if unable to participate in P.E. activities for an extended period of time.


FIRST AID: All injuries must be reported to a coach immediately. If your child is injured, they may not leave the P.E. area until they have spoken to the coach and gotten a pass to the clinic to receive medical attention. All serious injuries will be reported immediately to the front office should a parent need to be called.


FOOD and BEVERAGES: Food of any kind, including gum, candy or snacks is not allowed in the P.E. areas at any time. This includes the locker rooms. Beverages other than water from the water fountains in the hallways are also prohibited.


EVALUATION: Students are graded on the following areas: 1) Dressing Out 2) Attitude and Participation 3) P.E. Folder (with study guides and homework)

       Discipline Policy for all Physical Education Classes:Non-Dress Out Days:

On the days that students do not dress out they will not be allowed to participate, but will be required to remain with the class for the entire period. Points will be deducted from their grade each time a student does not dress out.

Being Rude or Disrespectful:

       Toward a teacher: immediate referral to the dean

            Toward another student:

·         First occurrence gets a warning

·         Second occurrence warrants a parent contract

·         Third occurrence is a referral to the dean

Violation of food/beverage rules:

·         Student will receive one warning

·         After warning is issued, a referral will be given to the dean


·         After three tardies, the student will receive after school detention, after four tardies

                        the student will be sent to the dean's office where the incident is recorded and the

                        school policy on tardiness is enforced.

Make-up Work:

·         In order to receive credit for a missed P.E. class, the student must meet with his/her coach upon returning to P.E. class to discuss their assignment(s).

 With your help and support, P.E. program is sure to be a success. We are all looking forward to a great fun, fit and safe year!  


Coach Kaczmarek