8th Grade Science

Thursday, February 11, 2010

1.  Create a webcam photo of yourself.  Start a picture file that you can save it into.  This is just to get familiar with your laptop.

2.  Create a folder on your desktop titled journal.  We will begin keeping an digital journal in this class.  You will have to create this file in the "open office" program.  You may have to register it first.  If you do raise your hand and I will help you.

3.  Today's journal topic is: What type of fault created the earthquake that struck in Haiti.  You can look on the net in order to ansewer this question.  Make sure that you date the jounal at the top and save it when you finish.  When we do our next journal you can make a solid line across the screen to distinguish between days.  If you want to cut and paste a picture of what type of fault it is that would be great.  When you finish, ask me to come over and check your work to see that you are done.  If you have problems with a program, ask the person next to you first.  Most of yall know more about computers than I do anyways.  If you don't get any help than I will help you of course.

4.  After you are finished with this task, then you need to spend some time researching the earthquake in Haiti.  We are going to be writing an essay titled "What should we do?"  The purpose of the essay is to express (state) an opinion of what the world's response should be to the devastation in Haiti?  What should other countries do to help?  After you have researched for a while then we will discuss the next steps in our essay.