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Wednesday, February 24, 2010 (Blog #9)

Ok , I already know!! Go ahead and let me have it. This is my first posted blog since November!! I have no excuse other than my 250 things I was trying to do in a day ballooned to 2500 things a day and I just feel behind. I have worked super hard at keeping the entire basketball games up to date and birthdays for each month. I am gonna promise to get back into the groove and try to fit more hours in a day. I propose we have a time at 5 pm each day where all clocks are frozen for 2 hours , allowing me to get some more things done and then start them back up. I think everyone would benefit from the extra 2 hours. We are working super hard in math class as we are in computer lab working on writing and solving 1 and 2 step equations. We are currently in chapter 7 of textbook which we are using formulas to find area and circumference of polygons and circles.

Some School news: Congratulations to the 8th grade boys basketball team for their final 8 appearance in the State Championships in Lexington this past weekend. They finished the two seasons with impressive 58-6 record and we look for great things from them as they move on to Warren Central. Also a big congratulations go out to the Lady Dragons basketball team who had a very good season and showed vast improvement from last season. Way to go ladies...


 Tuesday, November 17, 2009 (Blog #8)

We have reached the middle of Quarter 2 and I am very proud of the students who have kept their focus and are still taking pride in the FIRE we are trying to breathe at Moss. You are remaining to FOCUS on learning, IMPROVING yourself everyday, showing RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY, and seeking EXCELLENCE through EFFORT.  The Basketball seasons have got off to a quick start and the 8th grade boys are 2-0, while the 7th grade Dragons are 1-1, after exciting overtime win over St. Joe's last night. The 8th grade Lady Dragons won their opener over St. Joe's last night 26-16. Please follow the schedules and results as the season goes along. Let's all get out and support these young athletes for the time they put forth for our school. 8-Blue is excited about going to see Dracula this coming Friday at Horse Cave Theater. This is always a fun trip and we want to go and represent our school with pride and maturity. Congratulations to all the families at Moss for their outstanding spirit shown at the Pep Rally a few weeks ago and great job to 8-Silver for capturing the Spirit Stick. Great job guys. As we wind down to just one week before Thanksgiving Break, let's all remember to stay focused and raise our efforts and grades. Moss will be naming an assistant principal most likely in next few weeks and we are anxious and excited to get someone to come in and be a great addition to our school. Another thanks to Mr. Hall and the job he has done in his short time at Moss. Please continue to check out all the pages as I do my absolute best to update these as often as possible.

Mr. Priddy


Tuesday, October 27, 2009 (Blog #7)

Okay...I have not done a good job since it has been almost 4 weeks since my last entry. I am doing the best I can but it is very hard to keep every single page updated on almost a daily basis. I currently am trying to monitor and run 3 different websites. This page, my wikispaces page, and the Dragon Blog page. I am gonna keep on doing it though. I hope to keep trying to find ways to make the pages better. The student support and encouragement is the main thing that keeps me working hard. I wanted to say once again that 8-Blue Rocks!!! The teachers of this family all agree we have been blessed with some absolutely awesome students. We are currently 3 weeks into the 2nd quarter. Wow.. Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks are right around the corner and then that's when it really starts flying. Don't wish your life away. I know many of you want the year to go by fast, but you will look back and miss some of the great times you are having with the friends you have today. Don't take any of it for granted because nothing is promised to you. Congrats to both football teams for awesome seasons. They finished with a combined 17-3 record. Great job to all the Dragon players and coaches. The soccer team also finished with a great 10-4 record. I am proud of all the Dragon teams for their excellent seasons. We would also like to say "Thanks" to Mr. Hall for coming in and really being very visible and positive with all the students at Moss Middle School. He has been an excellent addition to our school. We hate that we are about to lose Mr. Bushelman to South Warren Middle but they are definitely gaining an excellent leader to their school. I hope all of you keep up your positive attitude and keep working hard. I promise I won't be long before my next blog.

Mr. Priddy


October 2, 2009 (Blog #6) 

 We are winding down with the last day of the first quarter. We have had some ups and downs but overall we are very pleased with the start of the school year. The students have worked hard as these quarter exams all took place over last 2 days. Everyone needs to have an awesome fall break and just enjoy your time to refresh and be ready for an even better 2nd Quarter. The 2nd quarter can sometimes be a time in which students will get into a "lull" period so we are taking steps as a staff to ensure student involvement and success in each of our classes. We are setting our expectations much higher during this next quarter. I appreciate the positive students who come each day and are eager to learn whatever you can and do it in a very positive way. I assure you that it is because of you that "I have the best job in the world". I know I don't always get to let every one of you know each day how great you are and I haven't been the best at giving out Dragon Cards. But the reason is, there are SO MANY of you that are doing a great job that it would be too hard to give out on a daily basis. Just know i think you are the BEST...KEEP IT UP......  Congratulations to the Soccer team for an incredible season.. They had tough loss to Drakes last night but they have improved every game and those guys are great.. The football team is on a roll, winning 4 of its last 5 games. The 7th grade football team remains undefeated with a 6-0 record. The Volleyball and Softball teams have finished their season and compliments go out to these young ladies for all their time and dedication they put into their team and our school. Congratulations to Mr. Bushelman for becoming the new principal at South Warren Middle School. He is very deserving of this position and has worked very hard at Moss Middle School and has helped play a huge part in many positive improvements here. Good Luck to him!! I would also like to thank my other 8 Blue teachers for their hard work and making it a joy to come to work each day. You students are very lucky to have them as they care very much for you and work very hard everyday. You just don't always like it because people PUSH YOU...You will be glad later on, I assure you !!   HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE FALL BREAK 8-BLUE DRAGONS!!!!


September 21, 2009 (Blog #5)

It is hard to believe that we are down to two weeks left in the first quarter of school. I have mixed emotions for sure. Usually I would say I am very excited to see the school year to go very fast. Sooner to fall break, xmas break, spring break, and summer break. But the first 7 weeks of this school year has been one of the best ever. The group of students we have not only in 8-Blue, but at Moss in general is one of the most enjoying groups to work with, both academically and socially. They make it enjoyable to come to work each day. We are very excited about our 8-Blue reward day coming up at the end of this week. We are hoping to make it a very relaxing and fun day for the students and reward them for all the hard work they have put in thus far. Hopefully the students who are not currently meeting the academic requirements will make that happen in time to enjoy with the rest. We don't want anyone left out, BUT at the same time you have to EARN the right to be at this. Remember, Quarter Exams are at the end of next week (Oct 1 & 2). Begin preparing yourself today for those so that you can have a great "1st quarter report card". I want to thank all the students who visit the site and make it here daily at some point or another. I am making my best effort to have enough to make you want to come back.

8-Blue, you ROCK... and as I always say "For those about to ROCK, I Salute YOU" 

Mr. Priddy

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   September 7, 2009 (Blog #4)

We are more than half way finished with the first quarter of school and I truly can't believe how it is moving. The old saying "time flies when you are having fun" is so true with this group. I love this group of students this year. They are so fun to be around and they have made this the best year ever. It is early on and can only hope they will continue to do so. We have lots and lots of work ahead of us to accomplish. I wish they would all realize the difference of how things turn out when they are positive towards their work. I notice that even the weakest of students can really rise to the top when they put some "excitement" into their learning. They can't always hope and count on the "subject" or the "teacher" to always do it for them. It is within them to make it happen. The learning of something that they didn't know previously is something that still excites me to this day. I love seeing them learn new concepts but they have to learn the most important step is to "follow up" by doing more than just getting it and moving on. You have to practice upon new experiences in order to get the greatest possible satisfaction and success.

Congrats to all the Dragon sports teams currently. The records may not be what they want, but I have watched each of these teams in person and they give it their ALL...I am proud to be at the games and watch them play. Keep working hard when things aren't going your way and turn them around. That is a great feeling. EXCUSES ARE FOR WEAK PEOPLE. Don't push blame on other people or other things. Take responsibility and make the change happen...... Can't wait for you all to get back to school this week!!!   

Mr. Priddy 


              August 24th, 2009 (Blog #3)

Another great week at Moss Middle School. The students are doing a great job with each passing day. I remain very impressed with their ability to adjust to what is being asked of them. My classes are doing great. In math classes, we just finished testing over adding and subtracting of integers. I tried to connect every problem with something they could relate to real-world and overall I am very pleased with the results. Hopefully making the transition over to multiplying and dividing will be as successful. 

The Dragon sports teams have been improving and battling some tough opponents. The football team played Bluegrass Middle school from Elizabethtown and drove inside the 10 yard line in the last minute before falling 12 - 6. Good Luck to the Dragons as they travel to Franklin Simpson in the next game. This will also be the first 7th and 8th grade game of the season. 


August 17th, 2009 (Blog #2)

Our first FULL week was a great success. The 8-Blue students did an outstanding job in continuing to implement many of the new policies. The class changes and hallway policies have been an awesome start to the school year. I want to thank each of the students who worked hard in class this week and are working at being very positive. I hope those that get off to a slow start and may not be successful at all times will take the steps necessary to "improve themselves everyday".....Please check the infinite campus portal to keep up with your grades. (I have the link to this on the LINKS tab in the main menu)

The Dragon sports teams had a rough weekend but let's support them and get them on the right track again. The football team played a hard game in hot conditions. After leading 8-6 at halftime, the Dragons gave up 2 second half touchdowns and fell 18-8. They play at home Tuesday so everyone get out and support.  The Lady Dragon Softball team played in hot weather as well and lost 3 competetive games 4-0, 5-3, and 7-0 in Warren East tourney. Good luck to them as they play this week. The Soccer team has had the last few games cancelled so hopefully they get rolling again this week and back on the winning trail. 


August 11, 2009 (Blog #1)

The first week of school has gone by and I must admit it has been much smoother than any other year I can remember. The students are adjusting to a lot of new policies and expectations and the majority of them have taken off in a positive direction. We have to keep working on these to keep everyone on board. I am excited to be able to jump into the math content this upcoming week, yet still taking every opportunity possible to learn more about the students in each of the classes. I hope all the students in 8-Blue will take a positive approach to all the tasks presented to them. Students were asked to try and get all the supplies needed for class by this Monday (August 10) - These were listed on the first page of the website in the syllabus. 

Good Luck to the football Dragons who play this upcoming Saturday against Meade County. Coach Lemily will have the guys ready to get the season off to a great start. Go Dragons. Let's get out to see our Soccer Dragons on Monday and Thursday of this week at home against Madisonville and Muhlenberg.  Our Lady Dragons softball team opens up this Saturday at Warren East a Round Robin Tourney. Good luck to all the teams this week. SUPPORT THE TEAMS AND GO CHEER THEM ON. I WILL BE THERE.  Come up to me and let me know you are there as well!!

I want to have a place where all 8-Blue students and teachers can add their positive comments of anything going on, so be patient as I get this particular site up and going so we can do that. I appreciate each of you thus far and the excellent job you have done in adjusting to new surroundings and expectations. 8BLUE ROCKS!!!!!

F - Focus on Learning

I - Improve yourself Everyday

R - Respect and Responsibility

E - Excellence through Effort