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8-Blue Stars

Congratulations to the following (38) 8-Blue students who scored a 100% on their Integers quiz last week
3rd period - Jared A, Meldin B, Robin G, Adis G, Dashiell H, Sarah H, Eric L, Nadir M, Zach P, Tyler P, Russell S, Dallas W, Lucas W
4th period - Tristan B, Shadrick D, Rondell G, Brandon H, Austin K, Triston M, Ariel T, Jade T
5th period - Adisa B, Kristina B, Alex H, Trent H, Brandon L, Jerodius M, Adrian M, Chris P, Tyler R, Jharon S
6th period - Sven D, Wai Yan H, Haley H, Min L, Adel M, Ashley S, Tim S
The following 8-Blue students did OUTSTANDING on their mental math test last week. This test measured the students ability to find various percents of numbers mentally in their head without the use of pencil/paper/calculator

3rd period                           4th period                            5th period                     6th period

Jared A.                               Tristan B.                              Adisa B.                           Sven D.

Eric C.                                  Dylan C.                                Dawson B.                       Amber G.

Adis G.                                Shadrick D.                            Shiveze C.                       Wai Yai H.

Sarah H.                               Rondell G.                            Nathaniel G.                    Steffanie H

Eric L.                                  Junior H.                                 Alex H.                           Tyler L

Dashiell H.                           Brandon H.                             Brandon L.                      John M.

Nadir M.                                Austin K                                Adrian M.                       Hailey M

Russell S.                               Caitlyn L.                              Jharon S.                         Adel M.

Lucas W.                              Triston M.                                  Lee S.                            Tim S.

                                              Lucas P.

                                             Alexes R.

                                               Ariel T.


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