Math Class Syllabus

 Cool2009-2010 Math     

                                                                                Mr. Bryan Priddy - Math 

                                                                               843-0166 (extension 1434)

I would like to welcome each student back to Moss Middle School that attended last year and give an extra special welcome to any student that may be attending for the first day. We are extremely excited about what we anticipate to be a great school year in 8-Blue. Each of the teachers have spent a great deal of time together over the summer planning things that we think will offer each student the greatest chance of success, not only this school year, but in their high school years ahead.


I would like to encourage each of the parents to stay involved in what is going on not only in math, but in all subject areas so we can each play our part in creating a successful result. This course is designed around "challenging" each student to have to think at a high level and to use previously learned skills to move "forward" in their journey through the world of mathematics. I am not nearly as concerned of the grade they receive as much as I am the work put forth to become better "problem solvers". Please feel free to e-mail me anytime you may have a concern or question about their progress or grade. 


Course Objectives:Textbook      

The mathematics in 8th grade is broken down into 5 areas that connect the NCTM Standards, Kentucky Core Content 4.1, Program of studies    1. Number and Operations  2. Geometry  3. Measurement  4. Data and Probability 5. Algebraic Ideas

Quarter 1 Units - ( Integers ) , ( Rational Numbers ), (Real Numbers), (Ratios and Proportions)

Quarter 2 Units - (Decimals / Percents), (Real Numbers and Pythagorean Theorem), 

Quarter 3 Units - (Geometry), (Probability and Data Analysis)

Quarter 4 Units - (Algebra - Patterns and Functions), (Algebra - Linear Functions)


The textbook has a great website that you can access the entire online book, online study tools, online activities, and parent and study guide workbook. Please click the link and check it out.



*The following items are needed EVERY DAY in class. 

1. Pencils (sharpened)  2. Paper  3. Textbook

4. 3-Ring Binder with Tabs in order (Notes, HW/CW, Quiz/Test, Open Response, Misc )

5. TI 30XA Calculator - This can be purchased at Wal Mart, Target, Staples, Office Depot and should cost anywhere between $9 and $10

      ** Be very cautious and make sure that this is the correct model. Do not get the TI 30XII...this is more expensive and does not use the same functions that we will need. Most tests and activities will involve the use of a calculator so it will greatly add to the chances of success to obtain this ASAP. Please put student name in permanent marker several places so that if lost, it can be returned.


8-Blue Schedule

1st period - 7:45 - 8:35

2nd period - 8:37 - 9:28                          

3rd period - 9:29 - 10:24

4th period - 10:28 - 11:19

5th period - 11:20 - 12:11

6th period - 12:15 - 12:27

Lunch - 12:30 - 12:55

6th period - 12:58 - 1:44

7th period (Related Arts/Planning period) 1:45 - 2:40

8 blue jersey



Students will receive a report card at the end of each 9 week grading term. A progress report will come home in the middle of each term. Students and parents can check their students grades at ANY time through the Infinite Campus Portal information given to you from the school. I would encourage to check this regularly.

A - 89.5% or higher

B - 79.5% - 89.4%

C - 69.5% - 79.4%

D - 59.5% - 69.4%

F - Below 59.5% 

** Grades will often be weighted, meaning I want the grade to be a true reflection of what that student KNOWS mathematically, so often the tests and quizzes will have the highest weight towards the final grade. I will go over in depth with each student of how their grades will be calculated. Their may be some extra credit opportunities offered throughout the school year.


Attendance in the classroom is crucial and essential to keep up with the material presented in class. Students who are absent from school often or are in ISS for behavior issues will miss out on very important lessons that can't be replaced with just doing an assignment. So let's set a goal to be in attendance at as close to 100% as possible.


Missing Work -

Any student who misses work for either absence or attending any other school function is still expected to make up any assignment that is completed in class that day. If a student misses several days in a row, I may suggest setting up some time after school if can be arranged to get them caught up.