10th Grade Ancient Civilazation

Chapter 16 Exploration and Expansion

Voyages and Discoveries

During the 1400 and 1500s European explorers, inspired by greed, curiosity, and the desire for glory and aided technology, sailed to many previously unknown lands.

Foundations of Exploration

Explorers from Portugal and Spain

Explorers from the rest of Europe

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Key Terms and People

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Conquest and Colonies

The countries of Europe established colonies in the lands they had discovered, but in some cases, only after violently conquering the native people who lived there.

Spain Builds an Empire

The Portuguese in Brazil

French, Dutch, and English Colonies in the Americas

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New Patterns of Trade

The creation of colonies in the Americas and elsewhere led to the exchange of new types of goods, the establishment of new patterns of trade, and new economic systems in Europe.

The Columbian Exchange


The Rise of Capitalism

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The Atlantic Slave Trade

Between the 1500s and the 1800s millions of Africans were captured, shipped across the Atlantic Ocean, and sold as slaves in the Americas.

Origins of the Slave Trade

Slavery in the Colonies

Effects of the Slave Trade

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Key Terms and People

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