Class Expectations

Listed here are the CLASS EXPECTATIONS for participation in your Physical Education Classes.


Physical Education Department

Laughing  General Rules  Laughing

Treat all members of your class with respect.
Be on time.
Be in class first, then you will be dismissed to passes.
Do not leave early. Wait for the bell to ring and to be dismissed by a teacher.
Don’t share your locker and combo information with anyone.
Bring in your uniform a few days early and take it home at the end of the PE activity cycle.      
Avoid...  "I forgot my stuff." If you are missing your uniform tell us FIRST.
No proper PE uniform then you have earned an UN-EXCUSED Absence.
 Lost lock? Stay after school to look for it and if not found you pay for it.
 No gum, candy, food or drinks are allowed anytime anywhere.
 No jewelry allowed. Earrings, necklaces, watches and body piercing all come out.
Here are Exceptions: Earrings …a new piercing only, then you bring in a note, your own tape and cover the piercing jewelry.
 Shoes should be tied tightly.
Dress for the weather.

The "PE CHANGE OF CLOTHES" consists of a T- Shirt, shorts, white socks and sneakers. Clothing must also follow dress code guidelines for the school.

Theft - report it so we can hold the class and search.
 Cooperate with each other - enjoy your class time - keep in mind its not a try-out for a   professional team.
Excused from PE NOTES: Due to sickness or injury   
Parent’s Note’s are for one day only…
Doctor’s Notes … Note should state the days you will be out and the day you can return should be on the note.
Nurse is not for excused notes… the nurse is for emergencies only!