Coach Minnis Physical Education Class


Westlake High School

Health and Physical Education Department





  • We  believe developmentally appropriate and comprehensive experience in health and physical education is essential for meeting the diverse needs of all students;
  • Give a quality health and physical education program that will foster the development of motor skills, physical fitness, emotional health, maturity, values, healthful decision making and the pursuit of life long health and fitness;
  • participation in daily health and physical education is an integral and inseparable part of the total educational experience.



    Our Goals at Westlake are to:


  • Provide a developmentally appropriate and comprehensive experience through exposure to a wide variety of activities and quality instruction at all levels;
  • Recognize that participation in health and physical education can lead to an understanding and appreciation of diversity;
  • Provide for the development of effective and efficient fundamental motor skills;
  • Promote the acquisition of skills and beliefs needed to pursue a lifetime of involvement in physical activity and healthful decision making;
  • Promote an understanding of the relationship between physical activity and life long health and assume responsibility for personal health;
  • Provide an environment which is safe and conducive to self-expression, enjoyment and creativity;
  • Promote the relationship between health and physical education, school community and life through an interdisciplinary approach to instruction where appropriate.

Class Descriptions:


Instructors - Darren Rogers (

                     Hilda Hankerson (

                     Kevin Cage (

                     Gregory Minnis (

                      April Nephew (


Personal Fitness

  • Participates in fitness assessment and developmentally
  • appropriate health-related fitness activities.
  • Uses fitness assessment results to establish individual goals for all five health-related fitness component areas.
  • Develops a personal fitness plan and assesses outcome following a period of training.
  • Implements a personal fitness plan designed to attain stated fitness goals.
  • Pursues physical activities that promote health-related fitness,   relieve tension, and control weight in both school and non-school settings.
  • Analyzes how activity participation patters change throughout life and expresses strategic to deal with these changes.


Lifetime Sports


  • Exhibits a level of competency, advancing to a level of proficiency, in a particular skill. Uses skills consistently in the appropriate  sport . Applies rules and strategies of sport or activity appropriately Displays appropriate etiquette, interactions, care of equipment, and safety during activities .


Weight Training


  • This course is an introduction to the major prevailing weight training programs and systems that are being used by body builders, weight trainers, athletes and those interested in developing ones physical fitness.
  • To educate students about different weight training programs the class will change routines from time to time so the students will experience and evaluate           different programs in order to meet their future needs and goals in gaining strength.


Body Sculpting


  • In our body sculpting class will demonstrate correct biochemical techniques while performing endurance and strength exercise.  In this class we will also stress the physiological principals associated with strength training. 
  • Students will also know the importance of safety precautions necessary for effective learning.



Class Grade  Break Down

          70%  Daily dress and class participation

          15%  Written test and projects

          15%   Skills test


  • Students must dress out in athletic attire, school colors or P.E. uniform
  • Sneakers must be worn at all times.
  • Socks are recommended in order to prevent injury or infection.
  • Three ring binder is required for Health, Weight Training and Personal Fitness classes.