Benefits of Serigraphie today

Serigraphie, known as screen printing/silk-screen printing, is just a printing technique. A mesh is employed to transfer ink except in areas made impermeable to the ink with means of a stencil that was blocking. It employs a net to support a stencil to get a image that is desirable. Hand working and experience remain fundamental aspects in the screenprinting process. The evolution and procedures and materials of technology allow the introduction of brand-new solutions enhancing chromatic and sensorial effects not attainable for just about almost any other type of methods.


Machines are compatible with surfaces. These include fabrics, ceramics, metal, timber, newspaper, glass, and plastic. Such printing machines are regarded as a notch above the others since they can print on substrates of thickness, almost any shape, and size. Additionally, it allows one to display the effects of the design on the item he/she desires to publish. The consequences are a consequence of the number of inks and dyes like water plastisol, solvent, water, solvent plastisol, and UV curable, which can be through the process.

Serigraphie machines are compatible with different surfaces, including fabrics, ceramics, metal, timber, paper, glass, and vinyl. Print machines are considered to be a notch above the rest since they can print on substrates of size, depth, and almost any shape.To find added details on Tampographie please check out Indecoserigrafia.


Creating serigraphs were labor and time-intensive straight back in today. However, long, arduous process and the pain staking work are apparent at the outcome. Printers and new technologies are available, which makes the job more comfortable today. An individual may even begin your little business whilst the printers are not that expensive.