Mrs. Ocuto's Classroom Page

"LEARN TO LEARN"  This is our classroom motto and philosophy.

My students and I have agreed that 21st century learners don't just get the job done.  No, we make every second count!! We learn to ask questions and give time to generating our own answers through any tool possible!

Our students use the laptops to research questions as they come up! They utilize websites for learning and playing with information!  They download these websites to their phones and other devices so that they are learning all the time....on their time!!!

Yes, and they get comfortable hearing themselves ask questions, and build upon each other's ideas!

Please enjoy this page to:

connect to websites http://bitstrips.comsmiley  Click educational strips,then login with your student code,then type classroom code  5255 

    blush  This is a visual dictionary to explode your vocabulary!

   wink Just play and learn and watch  just about anything academic here !

      cheeky  This is a great x-box type game to practice and learn math facts ! Login to the free version.   yes          and more to come!!!!!!             

upload classroom organizers  enlightened   

view student ideas  indecisioncoolcryingangry   (coming soon!)

blog or email  yes      

                                                                                                      smileyMy plan time is period 8  from 2:45-3:30

                                                                                                        My phone line is 630-671-5333surprise

                                                                                                    heartMy room number is 215