Positive Behavior Support

Positive behavior support is a behavior management system used to understand what maintains an individual's challenging behavior.  We have to give positive support to make the child want to change the negative behavior. 



Positive Support will grow from the bond we will get from the training I will offer once a month. I want all parents, if they can, to join me to learn the new skills and strategies we use in class for our students to help them every day. I also want parents to suggest topics for the meetings if needed to talk or learn about something they need. I also would like parents to share skills and strategies that work at home with other parents to try at school and home.  To build positive support in your child's life is to work together, so we are doing the same skills and strategies to build that support. Thanks for helping me out and teaching me new skills and strategies. 


I will post some helpful tools here monthly so you can print them out to try at home. If you have a problem printing at home, send me an email or note, and I will print them for you and send home. 




This is a chart we use to help a student to stay on task and work for something positive. So in the First box, I would put would task I want them to finish first before they get the reward in the Then box. We have lots of pictures that you use to help with the visual part of this skill. 






This is a visual timetable or schedule that we use for students that need to see where or what they need to do next. Some students have problems or anxiety not knowing what to do next. This is a great tool to use at home too. 





This is a Good Behavior chart to help promote good behavior besides the negative. So if your child helps to clean up their room, do their homework or behavior when you go off, use this chart so they can see and work for a reward. The child can help pick out the reward, try to give a couple of different choices for a reward. And it doesn't have to be a toy or candy. Try to use things that prevent you from paying for it. Rewards can be a trip to the park, painting with mom, or helping you cook cookies.