The Cold War Era

                Kennedy Missile CrisisVietnam War

Welcome to a unique experience to the Cold War! Our purpose is to engage you as a historian and modern day thinker to explore concepts, relationships, and ideas that frame that period of history. The Cold War Era started immediately after World War II in 1945 when the US and USSR disagreed on the political philosophy and the configuration of a post-war Europe. This period consisted of political coflict, military tension, globally contained wars, and competition for economic advantages. Major events that took place internatioanlly included US involvement in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the USSR participation in the Afghanistan War, the Berlin Crisis, and the Cuban Missile Crisis all of which could have caused a Third World War or a nuclear holocaust. On the home front, the US was growing internally with the civil rights movement,  equal rights for women movements, wars on drugs, and changes in political ideology and power. In 1991, the USSR colapsed internally; Germany became unified once again with the removal of the Berlin Wall and many of the other eastern European countries became free nations from rule of the USSR. The Cold War Era has effected everyone involved for 46 years and the impact can be seen directly on our youth even today.