The Big Idea and Essential Questions



The "Big Idea": 

In history, how have relationships between people, communities, countries, and the world perpetuated continuity and influenced change politically, socially, and economically, and how have these events affected us today?


Essential Questions to explore for this unit:

1.      How do you perceive the Post WWII through the Cold War period affect your family’s culture and ideas of your country and community?

2.      What impact did the Cold War period have on the social revolutions in this country?

3.      What U.S. policy or policies affected the advancement of political or social movements and why?

4.      How did music, art, and athletics change in the Post WWII period through the Cold War period and what effects did it have both socially and politically?

5.      What leaders of this period influenced us and why?

6.      How would it have been to be a teenager in this period and what would have been different or the same?

7.      Who would have been a person in this period that you believe that should be looked up to and why?

8.      How did the Cold War affect the U.S. today?

9.      Was there an event in the Cold War period, that if it were to have had a different outcome or never happened, then it would have changed your world today?