Project Overview



General Project Overview

For this project each student will chose an event that happened during the Cold War (ie. Vietnam War, Korean Conflict, Sputnik, etc.) and explain the significance of this event to the Cold War.  To fully explain the event chosen each student must really delve into the history and significance of the event. This means that more than just names, dates, and places that these events happened in must be provided. Rather than giving a quick historical overview each student must use their project to explain to the learners how this affected people living during the time it happened and how it affects us now, what changes have come about because of it, and why we should care that it happened.

Project Expectations

This project will be presented using podcasting technology. Papers or any other form of project will not be accepted. Numerous components must be included in the project including the following.

·         Proper podcasting program will be used

·         Information from at least 10 historical references (some will be provided for your use)

·         Graphics and/or images on at least 95% of the project slides

·         Narrative voice on 100% of the project slides

·         Text and/or music on at least 95% of the project slides


Other Guidelines

This project must organized, thoughtful, show evidence of editing (grammar and spelling will be checked), and have an overall neat and well done look.

MOST IMPORTANTLY:  Throughout this project there must be information that supports the learning of our Big Ideas and Essential Questions. Remember, everything that we have done this year has centered around these questions and so must these projects.

A rubric is provided to align expectations for grading.