MO Social Studies Standards

State standards required by RSMO 180.011 that are aligned to this unit:

1. A(1) Examine the changing roles of government in the context of the historical period being studied: philosophy, duties

2. B(2) Analyze the evolution of American democracy its ideas, institutions and political processes from colonial days to the present including struggle for civil rights.

2. D(4) Describe and evaluate the evolution of United States domestic and foreign policies, including the Cold War

2. E(5) Describe the changing character of American society and culture (i.e. the arts and literature, education and philosophy, religion, and values and science and technology)

2. G(7) Examine all the wars of the twentieth century including causes, comparisons, consequences and peace efforts

6. A(1) compare and contrast major ideas and beliefs of different cultures

6. B(2) Summarize how the roles of class, ethnic, racial, gender, and age groups have changed in society, including causes and effects

6. D(4) Identify consequences that can occur when: institutions fail to meet the needs of individuals and groups, and individuals fail to carry out their personal responsibilities

6. E(5) Determine the causes, consequences, and possible resolutions of cultural conflicts