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Vocation Schools in WI.


Please select the school of your choice.

Bellin College of Nursing (Green Bay)                                                       

Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture (Spring Green)                                 

Madison Media Institute (Madison)                                                          

Maranatha Baptist Bible College (Watertown)                                          

Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (Racine)                                        

Montessori Institute of Milwaukee (Milwaukee)                                       

Nashotah House (Nashotah)                                                                      

Northland Baptist Bible College (Dunbar)                                                  

Philadelphia Biblical University - Wisconsin Wilderness (Cable)                 

Sacred Heart School of Theology (Franklin)                                               

St. Francis Seminary (Saint Francis)                                                           

Wisconsin Lutheran College (Mequon)                                                       

Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology (Milwaukee)                         

Get 2 Months for $5!