headphone with case

Why do the headphones break? How to avoid damage, maintenance!


Even the product and the brand that you choose will affect the overall quality of the article. Know, you can buy the right product without spending a fortune, so don't rely on price alone. There are other things to keep in mind: the structure and quality of the materials, the various functions, and above all,  the value for money.



The choice of the quality brand

If you don't want to take the risk of your headphones breaking easily if you are very demanding and have a reasonable budget to spend, choose from the best headphones brands, not only because they have a solid history behind them, but also because they are synonymous, for this very reason and quality.


Here are some tips we can give you to choose profitable quality brands, namely those that statistically:


  • They offer better products,
  • They last longer over time,
  • They have a higher value for the money spent.


First of all, we need to consider the age of a headphone brand and the level of specialization, the quality-price ratio of the products, and the after-sales customer service, and the Warranty duration


These are all elements to take into consideration to evaluate a product and a brand better than another.


Headphone with case

Using the headphone with case is essential to prevent them from breaking. Using a classic hard case for both on-ear and over-ear models protects them from any bumps or pressure inside bags or backpacks.


Also for practicality and comfort, they also offer adequate protection. The cases are also equipped with a semi-rigid stand, which acts as a guide to hold the headphones in place. On the market, there are also cases with handle and shoulder strap, perfect for carrying. 


There are also practical and beautiful cases for in-ear headphones that, in some cases, also act as a recharge.


Clean the headphones

Always remember that the headphones must be kept with care and that, periodically, they must also be cleaned. To know how to clean the headphones, we cannot fail to consider some internal aspects of the system, where dust and dirt are most deposited in general, i.e., on the earphones and the slots of the microphone.


Dust can damage your headphones, creating problems in listening. Alternatively, it is also possible to get a specific vacuum cleaner for headphones in order to remove dust and dirt without running the risk that the liquid solution can damage the internal components. 


Above all, earphones also travel with us, in our bags, backpacks, pockets, and very often, we completely forget to clean them before putting them back on our ears or vice versa.


So remember this simple operation and, please, never immerse them in water because they would be ruined for sure. Therefore, use suitable products, such as a toothbrush, cotton, and cleaning solution.


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