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A New Journey!

Here in third grade there are many new and exciting adventures to explore!   Reading, Writing,  Math, Science, and Social Studies are the subjects we will be learning about.  Here at your class website will be many sites to explore in these core subjects.  Sometimes you might want to visit our website from home as well.  You are welcome here anytime for learning!  Below are a few things we do here in Ms. Combs' Third Grade class:


Every day homework is to be copied into the agenda.  Each night, a parent must sign for that day in your agenda.  I will check agendas each morning for signatures.  These organizers are also important for tracking your behavior in class.  A stamp = GREEN: acceptable behavior/A stamp and sticker = SILVER: super behavior/A stamp, sticker, and treat = GOLD: exceptionally wonderful behavior (RARE TO GET!!)/ If your student has written something and it is circled with my initials next to it, they had to move their card down for misbehaving.  What they have written is their reason why it was done.  If your child's agenda has a "think tank" stapled in it, they received a check next to their name because unacceptable behavior continued.   

Combs Cash

This is a monetary system used in our class.  It is given out daily for expected tasks and behaviors.  Each morning, I will check your agenda for a parent signature and a stamp from the day prior showing you had acceptable behavior.  If you have both, you will be given 2 combs cash dollars.  If you receive 2 per day for a week how many will you have?! laugh


I will usually assign homework every day except Friday.  The assignments will vary depending on our studies in class.  Part of your nightly homework will be a reading log.  This is a sheet filled out daily after you have read for 20 minutes.  You will receive your reading log on Monday and will be turned in on Friday.  Another part of your nightly homework will be multiplication flashcard practice.  Study your flashcards for 15 minutes (preferable with a partner) then have a parent sign off on the sheet.  There are consequences turning and NOT turning in your homework.  Of course we all want to be successful 3rd graders, so homework is a must.  If you turn in all of your homework on time in a week, you will be rewarded with lunch outside!  But, if you have 3 missing homework assignments in a week, you will be assigned an afterschool detention to get it done.


Parents, please review your child's grades any time on our web-based grade book esembler.





This is the Florida Comprehension Assessment Test.  It will be given in the Spring.  We are working hard so that by then, we will be ready for it.  There will be two sections.  One is on reading which tests how well you UNDERSTAND what you read.  There will be fiction and nonfiction passages with questions following them.  Third grade is known for the very first year to take this test.  It is a HIGHLY important test. The other is math which tests all of the skills we are learning this year. 


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