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Basic Class Websites:


Accelerated Reader (AR

username: first initial first 4

letters of last name

password: first 3 letters of

last name






Username: last name first initial

Password: 35 first 4 letters

of last name 4 digit bday



username: combsa

password: 35comb0318




Education City

Username: 172857

Password: treadway







username: firstnamelastname





Think Central

username: student number

password: password




 Lesson 1

Ruby the CopyCat

Spelling City

Vocab. game


Penguins on Ice!


Lesson 2

The Day Eddie Met the Author

Spelling City

Word Web-Vocab.

Sentence Clubhouse



Lesson 3

 Schools Around the World

Spelling City

Vocab. JigWord

Vocab. Word Search

Sink or Swim

Dictionary Skills


Lesson 4

Ellen Ochoa, Astronaut

Spelling City

Plural Play

Simple and Compound Sentences




Lesson 5 

The School News

Spelling City





Lesson 6 

The Babe and I

Lesson 7 

Aero & Officer Mike: Police Partners

Lesson 8 

How Animals Talk

Lesson 9 

Stone Soup

Lesson 10 

The Case of the 3 Bears' Breakfast

Lesson 11 

Loved Best

Lesson 12 

A Pen Pal for Max

Lesson 13

A Tree is Growing

Spelling City

Adjective Detective

Author's Purpose Practice

Duck Hunt-Context Clues

Word Meanings-fcat





Lesson 14 

One Small Place in a Tree

Go for the Gold-pronouns

Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose

Spelling City


Lesson 15 

Ask the Experts

Rocking and Rolling: Graphic Aids

Choose the Clues

Rags to Riches: Context Clues

Choosing Adjectives

Spelling City



Lesson 16 

Lon Po Po

prefix/suffix game

Matching game-prefix meanings

Book Buddy

Lesson 17 

Lesson 18 


Sentence Fragments

Spelling City


Lesson 19  Lesson 20 

Lesson 21 

Antarctic Ice

Spelling City

Adverb Movie

Adverb Game

Arthur's Story Scramble


Lesson 22  Lesson 23 

Lesson 24 

Ramona Quimby, Age 8

Cause and Effect-"Roll On"

Cause and Effect- "Bounce Ball"

Cause and Effect-"Flippy the Fish"







Lesson 25 

Lesson 26 









Lesson 27 









Lesson 28

The Science Fair

Vocab. flashcards


Study Guide









Lesson 29 

The Planets

Simple and Compound Sentences

Sentence Sort

Spelling City

Race to the Ramses:  a prefix game

Digger the Dog: Make Predictions







Lesson 30 

Voyage Through the Solar System


Spelling City













Reading Skills:

Story Maps 


 Author's Purpose

 Cause and Effect

 Main Idea

 Compare & Contrast


 Prefixes and Suffixes

 Fiction/Non fiction