Tree Swallow

Name (Latin): Tachycineta bicolor




      Size: Small Songbird

                        Description:An aerial forager, 4.5-6 inches in length. Wingspan up to 14 inches. White underparts with brown back/ greenish sheen. Sometimes a light brown chestband.

Song/Sounds: Listen Here

         Habitat: Marshes and open fields.

                        Seasons in Keene: Summer breeding season from late March to August.

             Nest and Eggs: The Tree Swallow uses many feathers from other birds in its nest. The feathers help keep the nestlings warm so they can grow faster.

Similar Species: Other Swallows, particularly barn swallow, which is more  associated with human built structures.


                     Population: Not of concern for conservation efforts in this area.


     Threats:Development along migration routes, habitat loss in both breeding and wintering areas.

Fun Facts: Forms large flocks and night roosts in winter range. Nightly return to roost compared to a "living tornado."

                     Video: See here