Chipping Sparrow

Name (Latin):  Spizella passerina


                   Size: Similar to finches.

                             Description: The chipping sparrow is characterized by a pale face, black line through the eye, topped off with a bright rusty crown. In winter, Chipping Sparrows are subdued, buff brown, with darkly streaked upperparts.

Song/Sounds: Listen here

                            Habitat:Lives in open woodlands, nests in shrubs.

Seasons in Keene:  Summer breeding season. Winters in Latin America.                                          

Nest and Eggs:                                 

Similar Species: Other members of the sparrow family.

Distribution: All over eastern North America durring breeding season.

                     Population Trends:Considered stable at this time.

                                            Threats:Habitat loss, predation.

Fun Facts:

                     Video: See it here