American Robin

Name (Latin): Turdus migratorius



              Size: The largest of the thrushes. L 10" WS 17" and weighs 77 g.  


Description: dark gray back, dark head, rusty orange-red breast & in underwing coverts. Dark tail with white above and below orange-red breast


                             Song/Sounds: Listen Here.


          Habitat: Woodland habitat, suburban areas, lawns, fields


                                       Seasons in Keene: Year-round


Nest and Eggs:Clutch 3-5 eggs, incubation 12-14 days. Nestlings fledge in 13 days.


      Similar Species: Eastern bluebird, Eastern towee, Orchard Oriole, Varied thrush


                         Distribution: All throughout North America


                                   Population: Stable and increasing


Threats: Because they feed on lawns they are susceptible to pesticide poisoning and can serve as an indicator of pollution


        Fun Facts: During the fall and winter, if Robins eat honeysuckle berries and nothing else they can become intoxicated. 


                       Video: American Robin