Turkey Vulture

Name (Latin): Cathartes aura



                       Size: L 26" WS 67" WT 1,830 g


Description: large, dark in color, two-toned wings, small naked head (red in adults), rocking flight


            Song/Sounds: hissing and clucking. Listen Here.


                        Habitat: Grassland areas, rangeland, mixed forest & farmland, the sides of the road near road-kill, usually seen flying overhead in search of carrion.


         Seasons in Keene: Summer


                          Nest and Eggs: Clutch size is 1-3 eggs


Similar Species: Black Vulture


           Distribution: Throughout the U.S. and Mexico


                       Population: Stable


Fun Facts: The Turkey Vulture uses vomit as a defence mechanism when threatened. Also, they will defecate on their own legs to cool themselves down.


             Video: Turkey Vulture