Wild Turkey

Name (Latin):  Meleagris gallopavo





                                         Males: L 46" WS 64" WT 7,400 g

                                         Females: L 37" WS 50" WT 4,200 g


Description: large, heavy body, small hea, large legs, blackish, dark rufus feather tips



                                                      Males: familar gobbling sound

                                                      Females: "iike, iike, iike..."

                                                       Listen Here.


Habitat: open woodlands, forest roads, open fields


                              Seasons in Keene: year-round


             Nest and Eggs: Clutch pf 4-17 eggs


                                    Similar Species: Ring-necked Pheasant


Distribution: Most of the United States, except for some areas surrounding the Rockies


            Population: Stable


Threats: Was extremely threatened by over-hunting, but through stocking programs in the eastern U.S. the turkey population is stable and increasing


  Fun Facts: The turkey is only one of two domesticated animals that is an original native to the Americas.


             Video: Wild Turkey