Great Blue Heron

Name (Latin):  Ardea herodias



                         Size: L 46" WS 72" WT 2,400 g


Description: large size, slow winged & graceful flight, long neck (extended or coiled back)


                             Song/Sounds: "Fraaahnk." Listen Here.


            Habitat: inland areas, streams, pond edges, wetlands, wet meadows, even upland fields


                                         Seasons in Keene: Summer


                    Nest and Eggs: Clutch of 2-6 eggs


        Similar Species: Great White Heron (a Blue Heron morph), Great egret, Snowy Egret


                        Distribution: From southern edge of Alaska down through Mexico


Population: While other herons have been threatened by pesticides and hunting, the Great Blue reamains stable.


            Fun Facts: The White morph of the Blue Heron, called the Great White Heron exists in a limited range in the Florida Keys. There is also and intermediate morph called the Wurdemann's Heron that occurs in southern Florida.


                              Video: Great Blue Heron