Broad-winged Hawk

Name (Latin): Buteo platypterus



                                         Size: L 15" WS 34" WT: 390 g


Description: pointed, straight-edged wings. Wings have dark brown top and light pale underwing with a dark border. Adults have a white band across their tails


                        Song/Sounds: "Kee-eee." Listen Here. 


Habitat: Breeding grounds are in continous decidous or mixed-decidous forest. Winters in tropical forests.


          Seasons in Keene: Summers


                           Nest and Eggs: Clutch is 1-5 eggs


    Similar Species: Red-shouldered hawk, Cooper's Hawk


                     Distribution: Entire U.S. and lower Southern edge of Canada


         Population: Stable and/or increasing


Fun Facts: The Broad-winged hawk leaves its breeding ground completly in the fall and winter months. Broad-wings can be seen migrating together in large flocks called "kettles" that can be in numbers up to the thousands.


                      Video: Broad-winged Hawk