American Crow

Name (Latin): Corvus brachyrhynchos



                             Size: L 17.5" WS 39" WT 450 g


Description: All black, broad wings, large bill & head, short tail


         Song/Sounds: "Caaw!" Listen Here.


Habitat: all open habitats (beeches, farmland, suburban areas, open woods)


                                 Seasons in Keene: year-round


Nest and Eggs: Clutch size of 3-9 eggs, incubation lasts 16-18 days, and nestlings fledge after 20-40 days


  Similar Species: Fish Crow, Common Raven


                        Distribution: The entire U.S. and the lower half of Canada


          Population: Stable


Fun Facts: The oldest crow found in the wild was 16. However, a captive crow from New York lived to be 59 years old.


                                Video: American Crow