Name (Latin): Seiurus aurocapillus



                                Size: L 6" WS 9.5" WT: 19.5 g


Description: olive, white breast with black streaks. White eye-ring and dark crown-stripes


             Song/Sounds: "teacher! TEACHER! TEACHER!" Listen Here.


Habitat: mature decidous or mixed forest, stick close to the forest floor, and tend to be heard much more than they are seen


   Seasons in Keene: Summer


                                     Nest and Eggs: Clutch size is 3-6 eggs


        Similar Species: Northern and Louisana waterthrushes


Distribution: Southern Canada, the eastern and mid-west U.S. and their wintering grounds in lower Mexico and Central America


                           Population: Stable


Threats: Maturation of forests across America may be increasing the populations at the moment, but if forestry were increased here the ovenbird would likely be affected.


       Fun Facts: The Ovenbird is named after how it builds its nest. It is covered up and looks similar to a dutch oven.


                     Video: Ovenbird