Northern Cardinal

Name (Latin): Cardinalis cardinalis



                            Size: L 8.75" WS 12" WT: 45g


  Description: Males all red, with black face and red bill, large chrest. Females have reddish wings, tail, & crest, blackish face, and red-orange bill.


       Song/Sounds: "woit woit woit chew chew chew chew chew," "pichew pichew tiw tiw tiw tiw tiw tiw tiw." Listen Here


                Habitat: Brushy habitat, forest edge, suburban settings


                             Seasons in Keene: year-round


Nest and Eggs: Clutch is 2-5 eggs, Incubation period is 11-13 days, and fledging occurs after 7-13 days


          Similar Species: Pyrrhuloxia


Distribution: from the eastern U. S. to the mid-west, and down through Mexico


                   Population: Stable


Threats: During breeding season Cardinals have a tendency to be so defensive against their territory that they will attack their own reflection in the windows of houses. This may cause injury or death, however, the Cardinal is a species of Least Concern (according to the IUCN) and no significant drop in the population has or is likely to occur because of this behavior.


        Fun Facts: the female Cardinal is one of the few female songbirds that sings. She typically does this while on the nest. It may be possible that she is conveying to the male what type of food to bring to the nest or other sorts of information.


                  Video: Northern Cardinal