Baltimore Oriole

Name (Latin): Icterus galbula




                     Size: L 8.75" WS 11.5" WT: 33 g

Description: bright orange, white bars on wing, smaller light blue bill, mostly orange tail

     Song/Sounds: "Pidoo tewdi tewdi yeew", "hulee" Listen here

                              Habitat: open deciduous woodlands, scattered trees

                   Seasons in Keene: Summer

Nest and Eggs: Clutch size of 3-7 eggs, incubation 11-14 days, fledge in 11-14 days.

                              Similar Species: Orchard's Oriole & Bullock's Oriole

Distribution:East of the Rockies, and from southern Canada, to their wintering grounds in Central America, Florida, & Cuba

                    Population: Stable, Species of Least Concern 

Fun Facts: Orioles in the America's got their name due to their similarity to the Old World Orioles, however the two are not closely related

                                    Video: Baltimore Oriole