American Goldfinch

Name (Latin): Carduelis tristis


                             Size: L 5" WS 9" WT 13 g


Description: Females are small in size and have yellow-brown plumage. Males are brillant yellow with black tipped wings and black crown. 


Song/Sounds: "toWEE toWEE tWEEto tweer tweer tweer ti ti ti ti." Listen here.


                                    Habitat: orchards, hedgerows, & fields


                       Seasons in Keene: Year-round


    Nest and Eggs: Clutch size 2-7 eggs, incubation is 12-14 days, and nestling perio is 11-17 days


Similar Species: Evening Grosbeak (year round), Pine Siskin (winter), Lesser Goldfinch (not in Keene area)


    Distribution: Entire U.S., parts of Mexico, and the lower south of Canada


                     Population Trends: Stable, a species of Least Concern (LC)


Fun Facts: Cowbird nestlings rarely survive long when laid in the nest of an Am. Goldfinch. The chick can't survive on the all seed diet goldfinches feed their young.


                                 Video: American Goldfinch