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How to buy a garbage disposal

Buying a garbage disposal is important, however with the many brands and types, how do you choose the right one? Below are some tips to help you buy the best garbage disposal

1. Easy installation

There are different garbage disposals, many of which are easy to install. However some are difficult to install than others, make sure the type you choose is easy to install. In addition it’s important to look at the set up underneath your sink before buying a compact garbage disposal to see whether you can install the device and to help you estimate the size you should buy.

2. Quality materials

The quality of materials used in a garbage disposal matter a lot. Make sure the garbage disposal is rust proof and can stay longer. A garbage disposal whose grinders are made of stainless steel is most preferred since it tends to last longer than those made of plastic, galvanized steel or a combination of materials

3. Features

The right disposer should have the right features for your home. For example if you have small kids, you should go for the batch feed garbage disposal since its safer. Batch garbage disposals are only activated when the lid is covered by the electric lid. If your home is on a septic tank rather that a sewer, you need to choose a septic-safe disposer.

4. Quiet operation

Many people would prefer a disposer that produces the least noise. However the acceptable level of noise a disposer produces depends on personal preferences. What may be acceptable to one person may be too much to another. The ideal produces acceptable and non interruptive levels of noise during operation.

5. Removable splashguard

The splashguard makes sure that the food waste stays in the unit. It would be convenient to buy a garbage disposal whose splashguard is removable when cleaning the sink.