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Because antler lamps are a wonderful rustic lamp to pair with a rawhide lamp shade, they are an ideal choice when trying to find the right style for your home. No matter where you choose to use a rustic lamp with a leather lamp shade, you will love the incredible charm it creates in the room. Light colored rawhide lamp shades, sometimes called southwestern shades, allow more light to come through than a dark shade, or western lamp shade as they are sometimes called. Leather lamp shades are also great for other types of lighting like wall sconces and chandeliers. You can also pair rawhide shades with wrought iron lamps for the perfect southwestern design. When you prepare to purchase rawhide lamp shades you will want to first think about how your lamp will be used. Rawhide will create an authentic western style in your home that you will definitely appreciate for years. If you are searching for an easy way to include western style in your design projects, you will enjoy how these unique shades enhance rustic furnishings and the way they simply bring a welcoming ambiance to your home. Popular as desk lamps as well as on nightstands or on floor lamps and chandeliers, these lampshades can make a strong statement and bring a welcoming warmth to any area of the home. One of the greatest things about the rawhide lamp shades for sale online is that they work with so many different types of lamps including rustic lamp styles as well as traditional styles. Leather lamp shades are wonderful for creating a beautiful room illuminated in warm light without the need and harsh glare of overhead lighting. Because they come in a number of sizes, you will be able to find the right shade for any style lamp. If you have spent time in the west or visited the southwestern states, you have come across this decorating style and understand what I mean.

When illuminated, the leather shade not only adds great character to a room but also creates a welcoming living space. Buying rawhide lamp shades online is quick and easy and often saves you a lot of time and money. From little chandelier shades with attached bulb adaptor clips for candelabra bulbs or sconces to large table lamps or desk lamps, rawhide shades are wonderful for western style home lighting. Rawhide also makes a great choice for southwestern style antler lamps and chandeliers. Its really not necessary to make drastic changes if you own more traditional style lamps. It is a great combination of tone and color that brings that warm glow. These lamp shades are also made in a number of colors that allow designers to match any color scheme.Rustic lamps with rawhide lamp shades are among the most recognizable rustic lamps you come across in log Vacuum bag homes and in southwestern style decorating and western interior design. Perfect for any area of the home, leather shades on rustic lamps can be used on bedside tables and desks to add light to a small area or brighten a complete room. . If adding a reading lamp to your decor, choose a style and size that will be large enough to hold a larger size shade and one that gives off sufficient light. Are they to be placed on tall floor lamps to light a large area, or on small bedside lamps to brighten a small corner? The idea is to purchase the right size of shade for its purpose and function. The wonderful thing about decorating with lamp shades made of rawhide is that they combine well with Native American style accessories like log furnishings and rustic lamps as well as with traditional style interiors. Leather shades are great items to have when creating southwestern style in your decorating. If you love southwest style decor and accessories, you will truly enjoy using rawhide shades to complement great rustic style.

Get 2 Months for $5!