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Reading Prek-5th grade
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Reading material listed from prek-5th grade.

The Internet Resources
Skillwise - Grammar site

Prek-k Reading
Abc Learn (prek) - Click on any key and watch the alphabets form.
All About Me - Description of who you are.
Letters to Big Bird (Prek-k/1st) - Click on the objects that start with the correct letter.
Match the Pictures (prek) - Match the picture pairs
Rainbow ABC's (prek) - Select an alphabet a see what starts with each letter.
Reading with Elmo ( pre-k- 2nd Grade) Yellow Station - Read along with Elmo
Weather Story - Audio Weather Story

First Grade Reading
Bird Stories - Can you answer the riddle for a bird?
Letter Match (Prek - 1st Grade) Yellow Station - Drag the correct letter to complete the names of various objects
Peg the Hen Prek- 1st Grade) Yellow Station - Learn about short E
Syllable Factory (1st 3rd) Yellow Station - How many parts are there to a word?
TCAP Testing Prep - Take pratice tcap 1st- 2nd
The Grammar of Doom (2nd-5th grade) - Grammar sites in arcade style
Zac the Rat ( Prek - 1st Grade) Yellow Station - Learn about the short A

Second and Third Grade Reading
Adverb Quiz - Test your adverb Knowledge
Adverb Quiz (2nd-5th grade) - Test your adverb Knowledge
Adverbs (3rd-5th grade Level B) - The next level in Adverb Quiz
Adverbs and Adjectives (2nd-3rd) - Catch the adverb or adjective
Destination Impossible (3rd-5th grade) - Excellent map game fun and guranteed to hold your attention.
Poetry - Can you write a poem?

Fourth Grade Reading
Destination Impossible - Map Directions
WordMeister( 4th-5th Grade) Yellow Station - A Word game in Hangman Fashion!

Fifth Grade Reading
Adverb Quiz (4th-5th Grade Level C) - The last level of Adverb Quiz
Author Purpose - Tell what an author means when writing a story.
Author's Purpose (4th- 5th Grade) Yellow Station - Why did the author this anyhow?
Happin Homonyms - Read the definition of two words type the correct word for the defintion.

Audio Books
Why Mole Shouted and Other Stories - Sit back, relax, use your imagination and listen to the Nix's act on your story.
Critter-riculum - Let me read to you about animals!
Rock Solid - An audio book full of exciting information and fun!
The Train - Bugs that talk?

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