Spelling Lists

Listed are the weekly "Pattern" spelling lists.  Look for your initials to know which pattern list is yours!    

 List 1: J.I., C.N.

  2 letter blends

List 2: R.B., K.M., A.G., P.G., E.J., A.G., A.P., R.B., T.B.


 List 3: N.S., T.C.


List 4: A.H., G.D., C.B., G.A., D.A.


 List 5: N.G., R.K., N.W.

List 6:  S.U., C.C., C.O., M.S., D.G., A.P., M.K., M.C., D.M., A.H., I.H., C.B.