Anonymous Car Insurance

How to Get an Anonymous Car Insurance Without Personal Information?


Shopping for something and not necessarily being ready to buy or make a decision would be so much easier if you could do it anonymously. You wouldn’t have to provide information that would allow them to contact you and bug you about buying. Whether it’s a car or the insurance to cover it they all want to know something about you.

It’s a fact that getting a car insurance quote without giving personal information is virtually impossible because an accurate price quote requires that you give them information about who you are, where you live and what you drive. There are internet sites where you can request an anonymous auto insurance quote but they will only give you a “ballpark” figure that estimates how much it will be. Later, when you provide the necessary information the car insurance anonymous quote you get may look nothing like the numbers you were given as an estimate.  Current premium can carry with it a real “sticker shock.”

So how anonymous can you be? Well, there are a few companies that will not require a name immediately. There are some who will allow you to withhold information until a certain part of the process but in the end anonymity in getting an accurate insurance quote is a near impossibility.

At you will be asked for the minimum of information to process your request. What follows is a list of what most current insurance websites will ask you in order to provide an accurate premium quotation. What and why this information may be asked for is one of the questions that most people who seek internet based insurance quotes ask. 

  • Name (some companies may not ask this until later but it will be needed as part of a credit check)
  • Date of birth for all drivers (car insurance for 18 year old will impact premiums)
  • Address (where you live matters because of thefts, rural vs. urban etc.)
  • Prior insurance information (have you been cancelled by your current insurer, claim record etc.)
  • Driving record of each driver on the policy (usually obtained by getting driver’s license numbers)
  • Marital status (different risk category married vs. single)
  • How the vehicle will be used (commuter, commercial, mixed usage usually includes annual mileage)
  • Age (under 25 different rate structure)
  • Gender (women have been rated safer drivers)
  • Make, age and model of cars on the policy ( repair costs and vehicle ratings are based on these)
  • Email address (contact info)
  • Phone number (contact info)

The personal information which may include a social security number during the process is so that the insurer can check your credit rating. Many people are unaware how much their credit rating affects almost everything that they do. For an insurance company it is very important and will have a definite impact on your final premium quote. is a trusted source for auto insurance with roadside assistance but this site can provide you with so much more. It is one location where you can get accurate information, free comparative quotes and excellent customer service on most forms of personal insurance. If you are looking for health insurance, whether it’s for a family or an individual, a retiree looking for a Medicare Advantage plan or Part D Prescription coverage you can find it there. Homeowners/Renters and Condo owners insurance quotes and policies are available through Life insurance, both term and whole life as well as vehicle insurance round out the offerings.